Great Innovation Advice – If You Can’t Beat It, Link It!

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Since starting this blog six weeks ago, I committed myself to writing an original article each Monday. Today, I am going to fail. The reason? This advice on how to fail when you’re used to winning is incredible – detailed, practical and covering so much more than it’s title suggests. If you believe that innovation must be contextualised in terms of your vision, your team and your culture (and you should believe it!) then take read this and use it as your blueprint. Thank you @SarahM !

One of the strategies Sarah suggests is that keeping a live, working mission statement helps you view failures as a contributing part of the progress towards achieving your long term goals. I would add to that the idea that innovation has a higher chance of success if it starts with a fresh look at your mission statement and values.

On our SMART Cheshire programme starts by getting businesses to look at their vision, values and mission. We get business owners back in touch with what they are doing and why they are doing it. We also get them to question whether they have drifted from this and, if so, should they revise their vision or refocus their activities to align them back with their original vision.

Fairly typical stuff to work on in supporting businesses in fields like strategic leadership but often omitted from innovation support.

I don’t know why that should be. Common sense would suggest that if you have a link between your overall strategic goals and your innovation project,  you are much more likely to launch a successful new product.

So next time you come up with a great idea, do a sense check on how it fits, or could fit, with your overall vision and values before you spend too much time getting enthused by it. It might be the right product but not for you.

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